Welcome to CrosstalkDB!

This database aims to collect mass spectrometry data of multiply modified proteins or long peptide sequences. You can search, analyze and download data from this database without having to log in.

Peptide quantification can be based on either spectral counting or peak intensities.
We recommend isoScale and Histone Coder for spectra validation and quantification.

For details of the database, see our two publications
Schwämmle, V.; Sidoli, S., Ruminowicz C., Wu X., Lee C. F., Helin K.,and Jensen, O. N. Systems Level Analysis of Histone H3 Post-translational Modifications (PTMs) Reveals Features of PTM Crosstalk in Chromatin Regulation. Mol Cell Proteomics, 2016, 15 , 2715-2729
Schwämmle, V.; Aspalter, C.-M.; Sidoli, S. and Jensen, O. N. Large-scale analysis of co-existing post-translational modifications on histone tails reveals global fine-structure of crosstalk Mol Cell Proteomics, 20 14, 13, 1855-1865

We encourage users to register and upload their data from mass spectrometry experiments. Registration is only formal and no private data (not even your email) will be required. After uploading your data, you will still be able to correct errors or delete selected entries.

The statistics page offers calculation of interaction (crosstalk) patterns between different protein modifications amongst many other exciting visualizations.

We are sure that this software is not exempt from bugs. Please send us a message (at the Feedback page) describing your problem(s).

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